People and Companies working on ATWSS

Olga Beltramello

is the project leader of ATWSS and of the follow-up project EDUSAFE. She is in charge of Safety in te ATLAS experiment.

Alexandre Dos Santos

is developer of the Audio and other parts of the Web Application software and works on the hardware for ATWSS.

Mark Dönszelmann

is architect of the software of ATWSS and designer of the Web Application. He is in charge of keeping the software running.

Dimitar Mladenov

is in charge of all the hardware on ATWSS. He also handles everything else we tend to forget...

Christos Papachristou


is the European Organization for Nuclear Research, where high energy physics experiments take place. ATWSS was developed partially at CERN.


is one of the four experiments on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). In ATLAS we use ATWSS to record intreventions needed in the cavern.


built the camera system as well as all the video handling in hardware and software.


build the PTU unit and the software for all the measurements.